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  • Over 80,000,000 boomers/retirees will reach age 70?
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  • Incomes have dropped significantly as never before since the Great Depression?
  • The economy will remain uncertain for the foreseeable future?
  • That the world is turning to sustainable building practices seeking to avoid the perception of dwindling resources?


Sound implementation of proven strategies doesn't cost, it pays. Be it marketing, team building, web-based systems, change management, sales improvement and more, the pros on our pages have been there and done that. A business person would be foolish to ignore that level of talent and experience.

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  • Positive operational, management and systems changes.
  • Nationwide image campaign with regional sensitivity.

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Take advantage of these great articles in the Manufactured Housing REVOLUTION:

  • The Manufactured Housing Revolution
  • A Journey in Successful Marketing
    Joe Adams
  • Advertise during tough times for lasting benefits
    Rachael Biermann
  • Fight, Flight or Freeze
    Amy Bliss
  • The Four Pillars
    Chad Carr
  • Corporate Disconnect
    Tim Connor, CSP
  • Can you handle a few tough questions?
    Tim Connor, CSP
  • Twelve Things Every Sales Super Star Knows
    Tim Connor, CSP
  • Ever Computed what your Lost Sales are costing you?
    Tim Connor, CSP
  • I only decorate those Homes I want to Sell
    Suzanne Felber
  • It's not over Until the Fat Lady Sings…or maybe not for Years!
    Nadeen Green
  • A Cup of Cocoa with Doug Gorman
  • The Four Aces of Association Membership
    Jamie Hammons
  • A Cup of Coffee with Eddie Hicks
  • Upgrading Your MH Community
    Chrissy Jackson
  • Short and Sweet: Just How Easy the Industry Turn Around could Be
    L. A. 'Tony' Kovach
  • Changing Perceptions: Dealing with Manufactured Housing Image Issues
    L. A. 'Tony' Kovach
  • Saving the Patient – Turn Around
    L. A. 'Tony' Kovach
  • Be the Change
    Greg McClanahan
  • A Cup of Coffee with Ken Rishel
  • Are Websites Dead?
    Bob Stovall
  • Online By the Numbers
    Bob Stovall
  • Socialnomics
    Bob Stovall
  • Upgrading your Image
    Don Westphal
  • The Power of Now
    John Underwood
  • Zig on Pos-ZIG-ative Thinking
    Zig Ziglar
  • INdustry In Focus Report - Tornado Caused More Destruction to Conventional Construction than to Mobile or Manufactured Homes
    Eric Miller
  • In their Own words: Comments by others
  • Resources and features available on MHMSM.com
  • Scope of work: One Call can get you started
  • The Enemy of the Good
  • More Authors and Resources at MHMSM.com

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Ken Rishel, Precision Capital Funding
Chrissy Jackson photo“People need answers 24 hours a day–every day. Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management addresses this need for the entire industry. We now have one more way for sharing, learning, and networking.”
Chrissy Jackson, Chrissy Jackson & Associates
George Allen photo“Nearly a year ago, Tony Kovach, MHM, launched MHMSM.com as the MHIndustry's first and only comprehensive online Ezine. MHMSM.com continues to grow in readership and positive attention it receives from factory-built housing aficionados at large.”
George Allen, The Allen Letter, Community-Investor.com
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Suzanne S. Felber, Lifestylist® - Lifestylist.com
Joe Adams photo“Not until I saw the professionalism, depth of content, and integrity in Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management (Ezine) that I agreed to be a contributing author. Special thanks to Tony Kovach for providing our industry with the best, comprehensive venue to share knowledge.”
Joe Adams, The Housing Marketplace

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